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   About Us

 The Alternative Energy Institute (AEI) was formed in 1977 at West Texas State University (now West Texas A&M University) as an outgrowth  of wind energy research begun in 1970.

 AEI's primary emphasis has been placed on wind energy, though certain research and education are also on solar energy.  Recognized both  nationally and internationally, AEI is proud to be the major information resource of wind energy for the State of  Texas.

   AEI's program includes:
 - Wind data collection and analysis of the wind characteristics Evaluation of wind turbines
 - Research, development, and design of renewable energy systems
 - Classes
 - Seminars
 - Workshops, training programs, publications, and information dissemination
 - Consulting for industry, governments, and individuals.

   Contact Us

 - Mailing Address
   WTAMU Box 60248 Canyon, TX 79016

 - Physical Address
   5 Hospitar Drive, Canyon, TX 79016

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 - Contact
   Ken Starcher, Associate Director :
   Wesley Warren :
   Daniel Kwon, Web Manager :


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