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0000 Alternative Energy Institute Wind Test Center (Last Updated 1/24/2014)

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Tower Status: Green

Green: Tower is communicating and sensors are all good.
             Or, tower is inactive, but data is complete.
Yellow: Tower is late to communicate, has a bad or questionable sensor,               unknown status or needs batteries.
Red: Tower has bad sensors, no data, or no communication.

 - Units are in m/s unless indicated.

Extended Summary Report
JAN - DEC Data: 0000AEI_WTC2013.pdf - 599 KB

Year to Date Converted Data
JAN - DEC Data: 0000AEI_WTC2013.txt - 12.8 MB

Monthly Wind Direction and Averages at 50 meters

Monthly Report (PDF)

Monthly Raw Data

   Jan: SouthWest averaging 16.7 mph.
   Feb: SouthWest averaging 14.8 mph.
   Mar: SouthWest averaging 17.4 mph.
   Apr: SouthWest averaging 18.8 mph.
   May: South averaging 18.7 mph.
   Jun: South averaging 18.8 mph.
   Jul: South averaging 17.1 mph.
   Aug: South averaging 16.4 mph.
   Sep: South averaging 16.7 mph.
   Oct: South averaging 15.41 mph.
   Nov: South averaging 16.99 mph.
   Dec: South averaging 15.61 mph. (AEIWTC2013.xlsx - 67kb)


Jan: In Progress
Feb: In Progress
Mar: In Progress
Apr: In Progress
May: In Progress
Jun: In Progress
Jul: In Progress
Aug: In Progress
Sep: In Progress
Oct: 0000-oct13.pdf - 167 kb
Nov:In Progress
Dec: 0000-dec13.pdf - 542 kb


Jan: - 272 kb
Feb: - 254 kb
Mar: - 285 kb
Apr: In progress
May: In progress
Jun: In progress
Jul: In progress
Aug: In progress
Sep: - 245 kb
Oct: - 259 kb
Nov: In Progress
Dec: - 265 kb


Year to Date Wind Direction Graphs

Year to Date Summary Graphs

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