Tower Status

This is a guide to the Tower Statuses for Wind Data Sites.

  • Green: Tower is communicating and sensors are all good. Or, tower is inactive, but data is complete.
  • Yellow: Tower is late to communicate, has a bad or questionable sensor, unknown status or needs batteries.
  • Red: Tower has bad sensors, no data, or no communication.

1988 - Young County #2

Tower Status: Green (Click here for more information.)


  • Units are in m/s unless indicated.

Monthly Excel Examined Data

Montly Raw Data

Monthly Converted Data

Monthly Wind Direction and Averages

  • Jul: South averaging 9.4 mph.
  • Aug: South averaging 13.0 mph.
  • Sep: South averaging 12.0 mph.
  • Oct: Southwest averaging 13.1 mph.
  • Nov: Southwest averaging 11.8 mph.
  • Dec: Southwest averaging 12. 0 mph.

Monthly Summary Graphs

2007 Monthly Summary

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