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Data Site Template

  Here you can download our in-house data analysis template. We are offering this as a open source template. In other words, it is yours for whatever you want it for. You can  modify it, add to it, use it however you wish. If you make improvements or find major errors, please share with us. In essence you can paste your wind resource data into this excel  sheet and quickly have dozens of instant graphs and calculations for analysis.

 Format Microsoft Excel 2004
 Designed For Wind Data, esp. NRG 9300. Any will work.
 Useful For Trend analysis, error detection, data printing and reports.

AEI Template 4.1 (5.2MB)

  For background let me explain how we use this. The way it is set up there is first a Site Information summary page. Although this may at first seem unimportant, many of the data  calculations are based upon this page.


  Normally we use up to 6 anemometers on a tower and 3 wind vanes. This spreadsheet is basically geared for working with those numbers or less. It could easily be modified to  accommodate more. We normally do our calculations in metric units. Once the site information is filled out we can go to a normal monthly data sheet like the one below.

  On the left side of the monthly sheet, you will see a blank area like this. This is where you can paste in the hourly averaged wind data. The way that the columns are formed are  based upon the default that a NRG 9300 creates after converting through the Basestation software. However, any data obviously will work, but will require some manipulation to  get it in the right columns. We have considered creating different templates for different logger data, etc, but time restraints have so far prohibited doing so. Once this data is  pasted in, many things are automatically calculated and will result in a multitude of useful analysis graphs to the right as well as on the next page and the yearly summary.


  I have pasted in a copy of one of our sites for example. These wind rose graphs above are automatically generated by binning the data that was copied in to the previous data  section. Note also the titles at the top of the page as well as the small ones above each chart. Those are automatically generated from the Site Information sheet. This is useful  when printed data is needed.

  The charts above show the diurnal patterns of the month which shows the daily trend of each sensor.

  This chart on the "chart" page of the month shows wind frequency distribution and power trends for each month.
  Below the frequency distribution charts you will find simple time based charts of the wind speeds. These are useful for quickly spotting bad or intermittent sensors.
  You'll notice we have also included a min-max section, but we have not fully utilized that yet. Normally we throw together a graph of maximum gusts when we need it.

  DISCLAIMER: What you do with this template is your responsibility. We cannot be responsible for data analyzed through our template or modifications made to it. We are simply  sharing a tool we have found useful, but we assume the person using this knows what they are doing and will not rely solely on our template.

  Please direct any questions to the following:
     Alternative Energy Institute, WT BOX 60248
    Canyon, TX, 79016
    806-651-2295 / Fax: 806-651-2733


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