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DR. Vaugn Nelson, Founder

Dr. Vaughn Nelson arrived at WTAMU in 1969, and since then has had the following duties: teaching physics, doing research in renewable energy, primarily wind energy and wind turbines and administration from deptartment head to dean. He was previously the Dean of the Graduate School, Research and Information Technology, but retired on August 31, 2001.

He founded the Alternative Energy Institute in 1971 and was recently brought back as Director in 2009.

He also collaborated with other univertises and taught Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics. Much of his professional service has been in relation to energy.

   1994-2003 -Texas Energy Coordinating Council
   1992-93 - State of Texas Energy Policy Partnership (cochair Outlook Committee)
   1989-95 - R&D Committee of American Wind Energy Association

   Served on Board of Directors
      - Texas Solar Energy Society, President two years
      - American Wind Energy Association
      - Texas Renewable Industries Association
      - Three companies in the wind industry

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