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A.E.I News Letter May, 2013
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Alternative Energy Institute News

Newest Wind Data
     - NEW Cim TexCo Tech Data (Private) 
         posted on Dec 18, 2014
     - NEW White Deer Data (Public) 
         posted on Dec 16, 2014
     - NEW Washburn Data (Private) 
         posted on Dec 16, 2014
     - NEW NOVUS Data (Private) 
         posted on Jun 23, 2014

AEI is proud to announce collaboration and partnership with NRG system,
a world renown company specializing in meteorological data collection

AEI Wind Test Center

You can locate the Test Center at the Nance Ranch Site.
Site Wide WI-FI
Data can be available to client on the web
Multiple data redundancy and power backup
Private data rooms available for clients
Pre-wired test beds
IEC and AWEA capability / Custom Testing
Class 4 winds means faster test results
Crew with years of turbine construction
and maintenance expertise on hand every day.

Small Wind Certification Council
The Small Wind Certification Council(SWCC) has issued its first two full certifications and consumer labels to the Bergey Windpower Excel 10 and the Southwest Windpower Skystream 3.7. AEI & USDA personnel(Adam Holman,
Fred Oder, Byron Nea, and Brian Vick) performed the testing resulting in the
Bergey certification.                                             - Click here to view full article




AEI relies upon private & public contracts throughout the state of Texas and beyond. We provide a public service to all who ask in assisting and promoting all aspects of Alternative Energy use.
We have had great success in training, installations, and the creation as well as promotion of innovative ideas & theories related to renewable technologies. Donations are tax exempt and always appreciated.


West Texas A&M University
Texas State Energy Conservation Office
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
U.S. Department of Energy



* DOE's Site Analysys Tool
The Distributed Wind Site Analysis Tool (DSAT) is a powerful online tool for conducting detailed site assessments for single turbine projects, from residential to community scale.


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