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June 1, 2009


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Various reports by AEI staff and student workers. Reports can either be read online or downloaded (in PDF format), depending on which form is available. Readable reports can also be accessed on the right side menu.

Reports for Online Reading and/or Download

Downloadable Reports

Wind Solar Assessment 1995 - 1999 (2.32 MB, 1786 hits)
AEI's Texas Wind Solar Assessment 1995 - 1999. HTML format.

Battery Charging with a Small Downwind Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbine (136.66 KB, 1420 hits)
By Brian Vick, Byron Neal, Nolan Clark and Adam Holman.

Study of Electric Transmission in Conjunction with Energy Storage Technology (, 2194 hits)
A study on electric transmission and energy storage technology.

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