4.0 – Analysis

Data are analyzed by month using Microsite. The outputs are the monthly average, minimums and maximums for each sensor for the month plus selected graphs and tables (see sample output in Appendix 2).

Summary Report

    Comparison of Hourly Wind Speeds (two anemometers at same height or between 10 and 25 m)
    Frequency Distributions (only prevailing wind anemometer) (calculate wind power/area)
    Frequency Distribution Graph (only at 40 m)
    Diurnal Wind Speed Graph (10 m and upper level)
    Average Turbulence Intensity (upper level, only prevailing wind anemometer)
    Wind Rose Graph (40 m)
    Average Wind Shear Table (10 m to upper level, 25 m to upper level)
    Average Temperature Graph
    Average Watts per m2, horizontal and vertical solar

Monthly data are entered into the following spreadsheets:

    1. Average windspeed
    2. Percent flagged
    3. Wind power: Monthly data for wind power at 10, 25, 40 and 50 m, wind direction, solar power (horizontal and vertical), and wind shear      exponents for each site; graphs for wind power and solar power. For those sites with no anemometers at 50 m, wind power at 50 m was calculated from the prevailing wind, 40 m data using the wind shear from 25 to 40 m.
    4. Wind shear.

Spreadsheets in Appendix 3 are noted with the following information:

    gray cell => 10% flagged.  Determination is made whether to use data.
    Dotted outline of cell, red text = 50 W/m2 difference between two anemometers at same level.
    Solid outline of cell, green text =< 80% logger operation. Actual value given in last column.