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March 19, 2013

Wind energy drives more than just turbines

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Wind energy drives more than just turbines By Rebecca Maitland, jobs correspondent (March 14, 2013)

Wind energy is the fastest-growing source of electricity production globally, and in the U.S., Texas ranks No. 1 for wind energy capacity. If Texas were a country, it would be sixth in the world.

Presently, Texas has 12,000 megawatts installed, which signifies a $20 billion investment in the state and creates jobs, said Elizabeth A. Salerno, director, Industry Data and Analysis, American Wind Energy Association.

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November 20, 2012

Article from Texas & Energy storage,etc

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The ‘Secret’ to Unlocking Renewable Energy in Texas? Battery Storage

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From Texas & Energy storage,etc

August 15, 2012

AEI 35th Anniversary Event

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Sept 7 is the date and the AEI office is the place! We are inviting old workers and associates to gather and share stories. We are also trying to get a fundraiser going with a talent show and silent auction. If you have anything to donate for the auction or want to help, let us know!

February 2, 2012

AEI Wind Weekly News

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Wind farm construction to bring millions to region
Cielo Wind Power is gathering a team to try to beat a deadline to construct the Spinning Spur Wind Ranch, and it wants to steer $50 to $70 million in contracts to regional businesses.
The work would be part of the $190-million project set for 20,000 acres on the edge of the Caprock just west of Vega. The target start date is Dec. 1… click here to view full article

Promote wind, not oil
You claim that President Obama made a “serious mistake” in opposing the oil pipeline from Canada. This line would pass over the Ogallala Aquifer and across miles and miles of some of the richest farm ground in our country…consider what the environmental damage might be, especially for the aquifer. It is claimed that one quart of oil can make 1 million gallons of water undrinkable… click here to view full article

Goldwind secures $5.6 billion expansion loan
CHINA: Goldwind has signed an agreement with China Development Bank (CDB) for a CNY 35 billion ($5.6 billion) loan for domestic wind farm construction and other businesses…

January 26, 2012

Job Opportunity

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Great Opportunity !


This a great opportunity, to learn and work in a wonderful place. AEI is a great organization to experience new things and meet new friends. AEI is currently looking for an enthusiasm and dynamic individual, who is willing to learn and be responsible


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