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June 10, 2009

Local People: Swope swoops in to wind movement

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A.J. Swope, photo from the Amarillo Independent.

A.J. Swope, photo from the Amarillo Independent.

The Amarillo Independent has a great story about Class 4 Winds‘ s AJ Swope. Here’s an excerpt:

AJ Swope was a celebrity, but it wasn’t enough.

The 2003 Pampa High School graduate was an anchorman on an Amarillo television station, but he wanted to do more with his life. Now, he feels he is.

After high school, Swope earned his Bachelor of Science degree from West Texas A&M University in mass communications and then went to KVII-TV, Channel 7.

“I was an anchor, reporter, producer, photographer and ended up as assistant news director,” Swope said.

Normally, television markets the size of Amarillo are entry points to larger markets.

“Often the goal is to jump markets,” Swope said, “and get to the bigger cities.”

But Swope never wanted to leave the Texas Panhandle.

As a reporter, he determined that wind energy was going to be a major asset to the area.

You can read  the rest here.

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