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May 21, 2010

Google Maps Live!

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Our Google Maps have been updated! We went combed through them for three days, updating dates and links for all of our sites. Click here to view them all in action.

Each Wind Data map includes markers, information on the tower, and length of available data (from the very first data to the most recent). NOTE: Not all of our data sites are listed in these maps. These maps just include the sites with online data. Some online sites have also been left out because we did not have coordinates for that specific tower. Also keep in mind that while Private Data Sites are listed, only their owners can access that data.

If you would like to download our KML maps (for importing into Google Earth and Virtual Earth), please go to the individual map page:

July 28, 2009

New Bovina Data & Site Renumbering

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There is a new month of Bovina data on! The site has also been renumbered to #0056. The site renumbering was in the middle of the month on June 16th, which is why the text files and raw data file zips include both numbers. The Bovina tag on this site have also been changed to #0056 – Bovina. There is also some missing data on the following days:

  • June 16th
  • June 21st
  • June 25th

You can find it all here for free! This is a public data site and is available to everyone.


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