Programs - PROP93

Joe McCarty

 PROP93 is a "C" language version of PROPPC [1,2] that provides an input editor and both graphical and printed output. PROP93 performs wind turbine  calculations only. The propeller mod is turned off. The rotor radius in PROPPC has been redefined as blade length in PROP93. The rotor radius in  PROP93 consist of the sum of two terms, blade length and hub extension. With a hub extension of zero, PROP93 is identical to PROPPC. The hub  extension term allows the client to model the effects of hub extension on an existing blade without having to redefine the blade geometry. A yaw angle has  been added.

 PROP93 will accept the old PROPPC input files as well as a new AEI input file. The AEI files replace the coefficients of lift and drag (CL, CD) data with  filenames. The CL, CD data are stored in separate files with AIR file extensions. The AEI files allow the client to easily change the airfoil at a blade station.

 A mouse driven menu system allows the client to read input files (PROPPC or AEI), edit the input data, run PROP code, and produce graphical output. The  input and output data can be viewed on the screen, sent to a printer or saved in a file. When the input data is saved to a file, that file can be used as an  input file to PROP93.

 PROP93 produces two styles of graphs, X-Y and color sector. The X-Y style of graph allows the selection of blade station, wind speed, tip speed ratio, or  pitch angle for the X axis. The Y axis parameter can be selected from the PROP output parameters.


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