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  Dr. Byungik Chang - Director

Dr. Byungik Chang, Director
Office: Killgore research Center, Room 116
Phone: (806) 651-2295

      M.B.A. General Business, West Texas A&M University, May 2012
      Ph.D. Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering), Iowa State University, 2007
      M.S. Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering), Iowa State University, 2004
      B.S. Civil Engineering, Iowa State University, 2002

Professional Experiance
  - Director (Alternative Energy Institute, West Texas A&M University, Canyon, TX, 2010~Present)
      Resource Assessment and Small Wind Turbine Testing
      Renewable Energy Workshop, Training, Outreach and Education
      Applied Research on Renewable Energy (Wind, Solar, and others)

  - Assistant Professor (West Texas A&M University, Canyon, TX, 2009~Present)
      Primary Institutional Service:
          * Civil Engineering Curriculum Development
          * Code Student Life Committee
          * WT Tennis Club Supporter
      Primary Research:
          * Structural/Bridge Engineering
          * Wind Engineering
          * Renewable Energy
          * Fundamental of Engineering
          * Statics
          * Mechanics of Materials
          * Structural Analysis
          * Steel Design
          * Composite Materials
          * Computer-Aided Structural Analysis (Finite Element Modeling)
          * Computer-Aided Draft Design (Advanced AutoCAD)
          * Fundamental Engineering Programming (MATLAB)
          * Robotics
          * Renewable Energy (Renewable Energy System, Wind Energy, Solar
          * Energy, Bioenergy, and Geothermal Energy) for Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

  - Bridge Designer (Arizona Department of Transportation, Phoenix, AZ, 2007~2009)
      Several Bridge Design Projects (2007-2009)
      Arizona Department of Transportation LRFD Bridge Design Guideline (2008)
      Arizona Department of Transportation LRFD Box Culvert Design Standard (2008)

  - Research Assistant (Bridge Engineering Center, Ames, IA, 2002~2007)
      Wind-Tunnel Testing for a Multisided Slender Support Structure (2006-2007)
      Long-term Monitoring of Highway Slender Support Structures (2004-2006)
      Monitored the Launched Bridge Behavior (2002-2004)
      Nonlinear finite element modeling for Iowa River Bridge (2002-2004)

Professional Interests
      Structural Health Monitoring
      Computer-Aided Structural Analysis and Finite Element Modeling
      Bridge Design/Engineering
      Wind Engineering and Structural Dynamics
      Renewable Energy
      Wind Turbine Testing

Professional Affiliations and Registration
      Member of ASCE, Since 2012
      Member of AISC, Since 2012
      Professional Engineer, State of Arizona, No.: 51307, Since 2010
      Golden Key National Honor Society, 2001 - 2002
      First Degree Certified Civil Engineer, Korea, Since 1999

Felloship and Award
      Graduate School MMGB Scholarship, West Texas A&M University, 2011
      Staff and Faculty Endowed Scholarship, 2011
      Teaching Excellence Award, The Texas A&M University System, 2010
      Graduate Research Assistantship, Iowa State University, 2002 - 2007
      Transportation Research Scholar in Midwest Transportation Consortium, Iowa State University, 2003 - 2007
      J. Wade Switzer Award, Iowa State University, 2001

Journal Reviewer
      International Journal of Civil Engineering
      Wind and Structures
      International Journal of Renewable Energy Research and Development

Professional Service Area
  - Departmental Services
      Faculty Search Committee (2009)
      Chair of Faculty Search Committee (2010)
      Engineering Scholarship Committee (2010-Present)
      ABET self-study report (since 2011)
      I am WT (since 2009)

  - University Services
      Code of Student Life (2009-2012)
      WTAMU Business Connection (2009- Present)
      WTAMU Intercollegiate Athletics Recruiting (2009)
      WT Tennis Club Supporter (2011-2012)
      Director of AEI (2010-Present)
      WTAMU Graduation Commencement (2009-Present)
      Freshmen Convocation (2009-Present)
      Faculty Advisor for WT Korean Student Association (2010-Presnet)

  - Community Services
      Science Olympiad, Tower Sections (2011-2012)
      Mathcounts, Grader (2009-Present)
      WTAMU Annual Student Research Conference, Science Judge (2009-2011)
      WT Engineering Camp, Instructor (2009-2012)
      Teacher's Workshop, Instructor (2009)
      Pantex Science Bowl, Science Judge 2009)
      Member of ASCE High Plains Section (2009-2012)
      TSPE scholarship committee for the Panhandle Chapter (2011)
      Business Connection (2009-2012)
      Student Recruitment and publicity at South Korea (2011)
      Amarillo Area College Night (2010-Present)
      TAMUS Pathways Symposium, Engineering Judge (2010)

Instructional Area
  - Honors
      WTAMU Outstanding Supervisor Honoree (2012)
      2010 TAMU Chancellor's Award for Teaching (2010)

  - Academic Developments
      Initiated a Civil Engineering Program at WTAMU
      Popularized ANSYS (Finite Element Software) in Engineering Courses/Projects
      Purchased a Full version of ANSYS by funded research grant

  - New Course Developments / Teaching Materias
      ALL Civil Engineering Courses
      Computer-Aided Structural Analysis (Special Topic, Fall 2009)
      Modern Engineering Tools (Fall 2010)

  - Course Taught at WTAMU
      Fundamental of Engineering
      Mechanics of Materials
      Structural Analysis
      Steel Design
      Composite Materials
      Computer-Aided Structural Analysis (Finite Element Modeling)
      Computer-Aided Draft Design (Advanced AutoCAD)
      Fundamental Engineering Programming (MATLAB)
      Robotics (Graduate Course)
      Renewable Energy (Renewable Energy System, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Bioenergy, and Geothermal Energy) for Undergraduate and       Graduate Courses


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