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  Ken Starcher - Associate Director : Training, Education and Outreach

Ken Starcher, Associate Director
Office: Killgore research Center, Room 116
Phone: 806-651-2295
Fax : 806-651-2733

Professional Profile
    Ken started as an undergraduate assistant in 1976 for Dr. Vaughn Nelson. He has been with AEI ever since it was founded 32 years ago. He has      worked as both a Director and Assistant Director. During this time he has helped installed more than 65 small renewable systems at our test      sites (Nance Ranch, field tests in Borger, Tulia and Canyon City Well fields, the Wind Test Center, north of the WTAMU campus, and USDA,      Bushland, TX) as well as helping industry in California sites near Palm Springs, wind farms here in Texas. He has also assisted with airfoil/blade      design for many others.
     For more information on Ken, be sure to visit
his web site.

Research and Other Activity
  - Education
       M.S., 1995: WTAMU, Engineering Tech
       B.S., 1980: WTSU, Pysics/Computer Science

  - Publications

 Vaughn Nelson and Ken Starcher, Ocean Winds Off Texas Coast
             Report for General Land Office - State of Texas,
     AEI Report  2003-1, August 2003
             Alternative Energy Institute, West Texas A&M University
     V. Nelson, K. Starcher, H. Ito and P. Lockwood, "Extreme Wind Events"
             AWEA Windpower 2003, Austin, Texas
     Vaughn Nelson, Earl Gilmore and Kenneth Starcher
             AEI, Report 94-2, September 1994, 39 pgs.
     F.S. Stoddard, V.C. Nelson, B.C. Andrews, and K.L. Starcher
            "Atmospheric Testing of a Special Purpose HAWT Airfoil Family"
     EWEC Conference, Glasgow, Scotland, July 10-13, 1989, p. 70.

 - Honors and Awards

       2000 WTAMU Clarence Thompson Staff Excellence Award
       Board of Directors, American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) 2002-2003
       AWEA Outstanding Contribution Award, 2005
       Texas RenewableEnergy Industry Association, (TREIA)
       Individual Member of the Year, 2005

 - Memberships
       The Planetary Society
       The Artemis Foundtion

 - Teaching and Other Service

       Ken is currently teaching WTAMU's Wind Energy course .
       He has traveled to Jamaica, China (5 times), South Africa, Korea, Germany, Brazil (Manaus, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo), Thailand, Japan (3        times), Costa Rica, Chile and all over Texas and the USA working on wind projects.
       He has programmed computers and data loggers, collected and analyze data for long term projects and high speed data for short term tests,
       produced templates for blade manufacturers to test new thin airfoils, coordinated student/staff schedules, examined modal vibrations of wind        turbine blades (learning from Rich Osgood of NREL), collected the first flow visualization images of blades from operating wind turbines (Dr.        David Eggleston was the lead there), manufactured VAWT joint fillets (Dr. Woody Stoddard taught us everything) for 34 m vertical axis test bed,        and conducted thin airfoil blade tests (with Bruce Andrews).

       The people in the parenthesis are the main forces behind each project.


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