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WEATS 2010 - About WEATS

The Wind Energy Applications Training Symposium (WEATS) is an internationally acclaimed workshop on wind energy first launched in 1988. Meet with leaders in the U.S. wind energy industry. Get acquainted with Native American members and participants from other countries. Develop useful contacts and practical expertise that will help you bring a wind energy project to fruition and ensure it operates successfully and profitably for years. WEATS is designed for project planners, developers, utility officials, and engineers directly involved with energy projects, who are considering wind energy development and want to learn more about wind energy technology applications.

The 3 day seminar will provide participants with practical knowledge and analytical tools for conducting project pre-feasibility and identification analysis, and implementation of wind energy projects large and small. Participants will learn from National Renewable Energy Laboratory experts and selected local experts about the capabilities of the technology, and about economic and financial aspects of sustainable project development. When time permits, optional site visits will be scheduled after select symposia to allow closeup looks at wind farms or their manufacture.